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Mondo’s secondary ranged attacks are less interesting, but Killer Is Dead doesn’t aim to be a shooter. There’s fun to be had switching up ranged and close attacks on an enemy, but the gunplay is predominantly used to blast the occasional, faraway henchmen that’s shooting you in the back. Regardless of how you choose to take on your foes, though, all of Mondo's attacks come with purchasable upgrades, a fine system that should’ve been given more space to grow. bobby wagner 40 yard dash time

Just another WordPress site. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune commented on McCabe's "remarkable. ability to induce compassion for the unlikeliest people," and in Mondo Desperado: A Serial Novel, that ability and the full range of his "grotesque genius" (Marie Claire) combine to produce a brilliant, macabre' dementedly funny and surreally imagined fiction of intertwined narratives set in a small Irish town. McCabe himself has described Mondo Desperado as being "like Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio --on drugs."

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